Catholics rally to continue taking public tax money while imposing medieval religious values on non-Catholics

Today I am (relatively) hard at work at my desk.  The weather here in Chicago has taken a turn from the sunny, late spring-like days of the past week to rainy and chilly.  So I am surprised to hear chanting and screaming coming in through the thick glass of my 20th floor window.

Oh.  It’s the local “pro-lifers,” egged on by our home-grown Pro-Life Action League, rallying for the freedom to continue sucking at the public teat while denying access to contraception through their insurance coverage to their non-Catholic employees.  Hilariously and ironically, one of their loudest chants is the word “freedom.”  Today’s ridiculous, riddled-with-irony rally has provoked irritation, contempt, frustration, and a certain sense of “how can this be a real thing in the world” bemusement.

It is a fact that no actual churches will be required to provide contraception coverage through their insurance programs.  It is also a fact that there is no government mandate that Catholics actually avail themselves of contraception.

On the other hand, institutions such as hospitals, which are publicly funded to a substantial degree, and which provide services to the general public are and should be required to follow the same standards as every other large employer.

You know what?  If the Catholic church wants the right to impose its asinine religious values on all of its employees, it needs to wean itself off public money.  Until then, they can really go fuck themselves.  The Catholic hierarchy is a deeply morally troubled institution, and their continued insistence that they have any sort of moral authority is just fucking laughable.  The idea that any Catholic employer’s minimal contributions to its employees’ health insurance programs violates the institution’s conscience is so fucking ridiculous that I find it difficult to believe that anyone, anywhere is falling for it.  It’s insurance coverage.  It’s a benefit of employment.  If we accept this brain-damaged argument that the employer’s portion of health insurance premium contributions violates religious principles, then surely the paychecks that go to employees who might use contraception is an even more egregious violation.  After all, there isn’t even the middle man of the insurance company standing between the flow of money from the institution to the employee.

We live in a bizarre, bizarre universe.


2 responses to “Catholics rally to continue taking public tax money while imposing medieval religious values on non-Catholics

  • ytauma

    What do you personally have against the Catholic Church? They speak of matter of concern and honestly Europe were in much better position listening to them than America is today ignoring them. Are you rebuking an nonprofit religious sanctuary? Then the same should call for Jews, Muslims, & etc who provide their own testimonies.
    People knew what they were getting themselves into by working for them. You don’t know the whole story of the situation outside of media who degrades everyone including our President. Besides there are enough concerns of your life that needs more intention than the church. Remember not all Catholics behave that way likewise not all Europeans are high standard arrogant.
    Shall Yahweh blessed you and your family. May peace be with you!

  • equivalenceprinciple

    Personally, I have a lot of things against the Catholic Church. Their record of child rape, for the main part, obliterates any claim they have to moral authority in matters of human sexuality.

    And here’s the thing about employment with a religious organization, such as a Catholic hospital: If the employer, however religious, provides services to the general public, and if they accept public funding, then they are subject to the same employment laws that apply to everyone else. This issue has already been litigated and decided in the United States. Saying that people who hold jobs with Catholic institutions “should know what they were getting into” is meaningless. It’s like saying that a woman who gets a job working for Rush Limbaugh should be aware that she is going to be subject to sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is illegal, just as discriminating against employees on the basis of religion is illegal.

    And, I am very aware that of the difference between the Catholic hierarchy and people who happen to be Catholic. My contempt is solely reserved for the hierarchy, and for people who believe that their religious dogma should be applied to non-believers.

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