Dutch Catholic Church Accused of Castrating Up to 10 Young Men

It’s hard to know what to say or think about this article, other than if this is true, it’s horrifying.  On the one hand, the evidence described is limited.  On the other hand, the Catholic Church has been implicated in so many sex crimes that it is very easy to believe that this happened.

The gist of the article is that during the 1950’s, after being sexually abused in the Roman Catholic institution in which he was raised, the victim, Hank Heithuis, went to the police.  As a result, he was punished by being admitted to a Roman Catholic hospital, and was castrated.  The article states that there may have been as many as ten victims who were castrated.

Other details are that an actual Catholic Church commissioned inquiry into approximately 2000 complaints of sexual abuse by priests in the Netherlands revealed that there may be as many as ten times that number of victims.

Dutch Church Accused of Castrating Up to 10 Young Men – NYTimes.com.




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