“8”: A Play about the Fight for Marriage Equality

I highly recommend watching this entire video.  Although the Proposition 8 trial in California was taped, the anti-marriage equality defendants won a court fight over the public viewing of the video tapes. But, the transcripts are publicly available. An Academy Award winning screen writer, Dustin Lance Black, dramatized the closing arguments and some of the key testimony.  An all star cast, including Martin Sheen, George Clooney, Jane Lynch, Jamie Lee Curtis, Brad Pitt, and a host of others, did a reading of the play last night that was live-streamed on You Tube.

For one thing, it is so damned refreshing to see lawyers be heroes.  The two brilliant plaintiffs’ attorneys, Ted Olson and David Boies, did a masterful job at cross-examination and closing arguments.  Just beautiful.

For another thing, it is stunning to see the utter lack of any legal basis on the side of the anti-marriage equality folks.  They have nothing.  No argument, no legal basis, nothing, other than a mostly religion-based prejudice.

Watch it here:


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