Oh Google, what the hell?

Whee!  I’ve been spurred to return from my blogging hiatus by the google ad that appeared over my inbox just now.

This is the ad:

Why Men Pull AwayCatchHimAndKeepHim.com – 10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make That Ruins Any Chances Of A Relationship

It caught my eye, because, really, what the hell?  Next to the ad is a tiny link that says “Why this ad?”  And when I clicked on it, it explained that the ad is personalized to me, and that its appearance is based on emails from my mailbox.

So I do a quick scan of the front page of my inbox to figure out what’s going on.  My inbox consists of:  (1) emails from a local art league; (2) emails from other attorneys and my local bar association; (3) emails from the National Lawyers Guild; (4) emails from my kids’ school about parent conferences and orchestra recitals; and (5) bills.

How the hell am I the target market for this kind of retro-fuckery?  If I really thought that men were a strange, separate species that I needed to work to catch and keep, I’d just shoot ’em and stuff ’em.


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