President Obama totally reads my blog

So today Obama gave a speech at Georgetown Waterfront Park, in which he ripped on Republicans, rightfully, for their obstruction in passing legislation that would actually aid our economy and get people back to work.  In this speech, he said the following:

The country’s aging infrastructure, the president said, is costing Americans $130 billion annually, which amounts to “a tax on our businesses … a tax on our consumers.” Those dollars are “coming out of your pocket” and are “a drag on our overall economy.”

This is exactly the sort of thing that I was thinking about when I wrote the profit post below, although from a slightly different perspective.  Our crap infrastructure imposes costs on the public, in terms of bad traffic, damage to vehicles from bad roads, and an unfair tax burden for maintenance and repair.  Granted that having roads and bridges is a benefit to everyone who uses them, corporate employers are major beneficiaries of the pipelines that get their employees to work.  Why are they not paying an appropriate tax to help maintain a system that they ultimately benefit from?


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