I grow old… I grow old…

I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

So I went across the street to get a sandwich from Potbelly’s, and the overly friendly behind-the-counter guy is peppering me with questions about whether I have big plans for Halloween weekend.  No, no, I don’t, I say several times.  He keeps offering me alternatives, you’re not going to X?  Or Y?  Or Z?  Finally, I say “No I’m not, but I am going to see the Damned tonight.”

Sound of screeching brakes, or crickets, as you prefer.

“The Damned?”  he says…”The Damned…?”  Uh, yes, the Damned, I say.  British Goth-Punk band?  Nevermind.  I’ll be hauling out my walker and hearing aid for the show.

Here’s a picture of Pinch, taken at the 2007 Punk Rock Bowling tournament in Vegas:




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